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World Token
2 min readJun 17, 2021


With the World Marketplace running for a little over a week, the team is ready to heat things up to get the hottest NFTs on board. To encourage artists and content creators, we’ll be giving the next 50 creators that list their NFTs on the marketplace a share in an airdrop pool of 5,000 $WORLD tokens. Yep, free crypto just for listing your NFTs!

During our pre-mainnet days, we have managed to attract a large community that continues to grow monthly at a rate of 15%, making the World Marketplace not just an attractive platform to sell your creations but an excellent place to market yourself as a creator.

What’s special about the World Marketplace?

With our vision to build the foundation of the crypto e-commerce space, we always put our community and merchants first. Having your NFT listed on our marketplace entails you the following benefits:

  • No listing fee
  • Only a tiny 3% commission per buy/sell
  • Earn passive income from other transactions happening in the ecosystem
  • During V2 of our marketplace, transactions will be gas-less
  • Consistent marketing efforts on all related social media channels
  • Free homepage features (for a limited time)

Be an NFT merchant on the first multi-chain, smart escrow-based marketplace. With us, you can be part of the next phase of NFT-based e-commerce!

How to be eligible for the $WORLD airdrop

1. List an NFT on the World Marketplace

2. Fill up this form tinyurl.com/WorldNFTAirdrop

3. Receive your $WORLD airdrop

- Anyone can list an NFT, all you need to do is to mint your NFT on a third-party site (like Bakeryswap, Mintable, or Rarible) and a wallet address (ETH/BSC)
- Artists have to fill up the form (tinyurl.com/WorldNFTAirdrop) with correct information to be eligible for the airdrop
- Rewards will distributed in batches, alongside other NFT artists
- The airdrop will run until the rewards are all paid up.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more updates! #ProudWorldCitizens

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