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Let’s begin with an introduction from the team? :)


Hey guys im CFO in Dorac responsible for tokenomics fundraising and partnerships. I’ve been in crypto since 2014, I come from a corporate background and I am based in London. For the last year and half I am a full time…

To kickstart year 2022, World is proud to announce another partnership with an NFT Metaverse game, Metaguardians. As World believes that digital is the future, it’s thrilled to expand its horizon to NFT games as well.

World held its community AMA with Metaguardians last 6th of January 2022, 1PM UTC…

World Token will join one of the largest virtual gatherings of digital asset disruptors to discuss the global marketplace, and how the Metaverse, NFT’s and other key technological trends are impacting the landscape.

SINGAPORE, December 16, 2021 — World Token (WORLD), is pleased to announce their participation at the upcoming…


So first question, what was the idea behind creating Salsa Valley? Can you tell us more about it, maybe how you came up with the theme?


We’ve been in the cryptoindustry since the end of 2015, watching and seeing how cryptoinfluencers manipulate the cryptomarket, how cryptoenthusiasts take risks by investing…

The team is proud to announce that the $WGOV IDO rounds have officially closed with great success.

All wallets that contributed $LGCY will receive their respective tokens once $WGOV lists on an exchange (to be announced) this December. Participants will be contacted for their $LGCY wallets through the social profiles…

Current State of E-commerce

It’s getting harder to ignore the impact cryptocurrencies have on different industries, whether it be banking, marketing, music, data, gaming -
you name it. Combine this with the growing frustration of people with centralized systems and all its inherent problems attached, and you get an unprecedented opportunity to redefine the…

Last October 31, the World Team held a Community AMA to update everyone on World’s progress. Read below for a recap!


When is the next Listing?


Bitrue listing for $WORLD will be done within November, after the official launch of $WGOV, our governance token.

Expect more to come after that


To celebrate Sergi’s NFT drop this coming October 29, the World team took the chance to introduce Sergi more to the World community.

1. Can you tell us a little more about yourself, the ups and downs you’ve faced, and how you overcame them as an artist?

I am Sergi…

The World Team is proud to announce our partnership with Catnip Battler, a project that merges a game and NFTs into one exciting project.

With this partnership, the Catnip Battler team have listed limited edition cats exclusive on the World Marketplace. In addition, both projects will be cross-promoting each other…

World Token

Global digital marketplace rewarding both users and merchants on every transaction.

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