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3 min readMar 21, 2021


How will the tax on the CEX(Bitmart) be distributed, and when?


Within the first few business days of April, the Bitmart team will sweep the collected fees to our smart contract for the workaround address, and the redistribute function will be called. The rewards for Bitmart users should also be credited by Bitmart around this same time.


Will the marketplace be audited? Keep up the good work btw!


Of course! As with all our releases, the marketplace v1 will be audited during the testnet period before going live.


What can we expect with the testnet?


Expect a fully functioning, fully designed website you can interact with using your metamask wallet where you should be able to buy dummy goods/services as well as buy/sell NFTs. All this will be possible with testnet World (which we’ll deploy and give out) and testnet Ethers (for gas). Think of it as a demo of what the live version will be like!


Can you tell us more about the type of merchants who will be joining $world and what they can offer customers around the Globe?


We’re looking for any existing merchants so expect the likes of digital art, custom art, games, collectibles, comics, gift cards/digital coupons, music, freelance services, etc. What they offer will be dependent on the merchants will list themselves — rest assured the team will initially on-board quality merchants from as many different fields as possible!


Is it possible to maintain the 1% rewards for holder rather than reduce it? Considering it’s a great incentive once more people understand how lucrative it can be in the long run.


Maybe not 1% but the current revised rates are higher than the proposed 0.6% and 0.4% from the original plan! More information will be released closer to mainnet going live.


How can we sign up to be an NFT merchant?


There will be no whitelist required for NFT merchants. NFTs are open to all artists and we decided that all artists have a chance to gain a following from their content by selling freely on the World marketplace.


How can I buy NFTs on the marketplace? thanks


Upon launch, we’ll have both fixed prices and auction style selling on the marketplace for NFTs! The seller may choose which kind of sale they wish to hold.


#HelloWorld❤️ do you plan to join Binance exchange? Would love to own $WORLD and become part of the community. However, like many others, i only make use of Binance due to there high level of security. Love the project and stay strong 🙏


We would be thrilled to finalize a listing with an exchange the size of Binance but that would be later on. For now all I can say is that it’s definitely part of the plan but only time will tell how fast we can accomplish everything we have planned!



World Token

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