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To celebrate Aron’s NFT drop this coming September 10, the World team took the chance to introduce Aron Visuals more to the World community. Enjoy!

1. Can you tell us a little more about yourself, the ups and downs you’ve faced, and how you overcame them as an artist?

I’m Aron, known as Aron Visuals here and I’m from North Macedonia. I started creating Digital Art back in 2018 and from that moment my life completely changed in everyway. On the beginning it was very hard having a bad laptop with limitation to what I can do but I always tried my best and I am someone that doesn’t like any excuses even from myself because there is always a way for everything, it depends on just how much you want something.

Many people see me as a machine that produce everyday artworks but it’s not like that. I have my real life, and a lot of things as everyone else but passion and love drove me crazy to create everyday and I can’t imagine my life without it at all.

From my darkest parts of life, art saved me and healed me a lot, a place where I can use all my emotions and transfer them into an story in an artwork. It started as hobby and today is my main job working with clients and companies around the world.

One of the amazing thing that happened once I started is being discovered by the Adobe team and my art was shared many times on the Photoshop page that makes me very proud. It was and it is a real hard working thing and practicing it every day got me into the level where I am today with everything, it’s not just overnight as some people want and think.

Over this 3 years I changed a lot even my style now it is where I always wanted it to be, but I do remember a very known company where I always wanted to be that rejected my art with the reason ‘’that my art is very dark’’ of course it made me sad because that was not the point as I am sending the main message in my art in opposite actually, but I can’t control what people see, we all see different but anyway, 2 years later they came to me and I proudly rejected them too.

Also back in 2019 when I had the first creative blockade for more than a month I hardly created anything and for me it was hell, you feel like maybe it’s an end and I was nervous a lot but I am very glad that it was just a time that I understood and if you ask me if is this still happening? I would say yes but I learned to manage and control myself when something is not going as I want just leaving it for the next day, we are humans not machines so take it easy and never give up.

2. Tell us more about your design process when you create your works

Mostly a lot of my ideas are coming to my mind at night, I am a night owl, and then I’m writing the ideas just as a reminder. Sometimes sketching, but it depends because until the end a lot of things will change and only the main idea stays.

I spend a lot of time searching, then trying stuff I really like. But the most amazing thing for me, that happens very often, is when I just don’t think at all, I sit down, play music, open Photoshop, get some stocks or what I already have, and just start creating. It’s going like a wave and the artworks created this way are the most special ones to me because my soul speaks loudly through them.

3. Where do you get inspiration that keeps you driven as an artist everyday?

I would say that music is my main inspiration from even young days, but in the same time I am very specific in what genre. I adore symphonic metal, even that there is a lot of negativity sadly about this genre, but my opinion is that only special people can feel that music for real, and even with just an instrumental makes me imagining and entering some other worlds and creating scenes in my mind.

4. What’s the most expensive NFT you’ve sold?

The most expensive one was actually my first NFT artwork The Universal Journey back in March that sold for 1 ETH, but if we are talking about more artworks at same time sold as a drop, then it was my IMAGINARIUM drop with 4 artworks for much more.

5. What do you hope to achieve in the NFT space?

NFT has changed many artists lives including mine too and that makes me proud that there is finally something that brings us the value we all deserve. I would say that I already achieved a lot at this point that I am very thankful especially to my manager and agency and all people involved into, there is a lot people behind me that probably without them I would hardly had joined the NFT space.

Also I met a lot of amazing artists because of this, I have not sold many NFT’s yet but I believe it’s just a question of time and right collectors interested in my work, and I believe that it’s still an early stage for it. My advice for people that just entered this world would be just be patient, work hard, and be supportive.

6. What’s next for Aron?

I truly don’t like to plan anything because every time I do, it’s totally different at the end, but yeah there is definitely a lot of amazing things coming on the way and I am sure you guys will love it, stay tuned!

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for his NFT drop this September 10, 2021 #ProudWorldCitizens

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