Get to know The Crypto Crocs

With The Crypto Crocs officially selling out 75% of their collection a few days ago, the World team took the chance to introduce their project more to the World community.

  1. Can you give us a background on the idea behind The Crypto Crocs?

Sure thing! The CryptoCrocs are a collection of animated pixel art NFTs. Each croc is manually created and available in a variety of different colours and with their own outfit and accessories.

I’ve been in crypto for some time now and have followed the WORLD Marketplace since the beginning of 2021. As I started to explore NFTs, I wanted to create a project that I could work on and develop with my ten-year-old son.

Coming up with a concept was pretty easy. We both like pixel art, we both like retro games (the older Zelda and Pokémon games in particular) and we both like crocodiles.

In the CryptoCrocs, we wanted to create characters that we like working with, that would be appreciated by the NFT community, that my son could share with his friends, and characters that we would be able to develop and expand based upon feedback from collectors.

2. Tell us more about the design process involved when you created the crocodiles

The crocs and their accessories are manually created and animated in an awesome pixel art tool called Aseprite ( Honestly, check it out, it’s a delight to work with, really easy and intuitive.

With the crocs themselves, we wanted them to be cute and with lots of character. So we gave them a playful grin and animated wagging tail. The figure and pose for the croc are inspired and adapted from a pixel art dragon that we liked and licensed from another pixel artist.

We wanted each croc to be unique, so we’ve created them in multiple colours, with different backgrounds and with different outfits. When selecting and designing the outfits we want them to be easily recognisable in pixel form and to stand out.

3. Where did you get inspiration to start The Crypto Crocs?

As I mentioned before, both my son and I like pixel art and older computer games such as the older Zelda, Final Fantasy, Super Mario, Sonic and Pokémon games, with the crocs we wanted to evoke the styles of some of those classic games.

We’ve been inspired by loads of fantastic artists making amazing pieces across the NFT space. Through NFTs I think we’re seeing a real explosion of artistic creativity. Some of the series that particularly inspired the CryptoCrocs are @PixelKnightsNFT, @BravePixels_Nft, @Cryptowns_io, @AxolittlesNFT, @PunkedPups, @LazyMonstersNFT to name just a few.

4. What do you hope to achieve in the NFT space?

We hope to build the CryptoCrocs into a recognisable and lasting brand that continues to delight a growing community. Of course, we hope to have lots of fun whilst we do it.

5. What’s next for you guys?

We’ve been delighted by the response to the launch of our first series, which has nearly sold out. We’re now busy working on the second series that will include all new outfits, animations and colours.

We’re working on our longer-term roadmap and will publish this to the website soon. To a very great extent, the features and timelines of the roadmap will be guided by feedback from our community of collectors.

We’ve already started creating some initial merch, but mostly because my son and his mates want CryptoCroc t-shirts!

6. Where can we stay updated with the latest The Crypto Crocs news?

🛒 $WORLD Marketplace:

🖥 Website:

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📢 Telegram channel:

💬 Telegram chat:

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more Crypto Crocs dropping soon! #ProudWorldCitizens

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