The NFT Agency Collaborations

Back in July, the World Token team officially announced a partnership with the NFT Agency, connecting the World brand with visual artists around the globe. The past weeks have proven the effectiveness of this partnership, launching three World-exclusive NFT drops with Gervisuals, Sameer, and Aron Visuals.

Germán is a world renowned graphic designer from Spain, with a burning desire and never ending passion for creating. Ever since he was a child, he has said he hasn’t spent one day without drawing or designing. He first started by copying Disney pictures he saw online, and then went on to go to the drawing academy in Logreño.
Sameer Baloch, is a 3D digital artist that specializes in creating futuristic fantasy worlds. He was born and raised in a small town called Hawksbay in Karachi, Pakistan. Sameer first fell in love with design and tech in 1998 when my father bought me my very first computer, an Intel 486. In the past, he has worked on many interesting projects as modeler, lighting and rendering artist. Coming from where he grew up, Sameer used designing to escape some of the troubles and struggling of the environment he grew up in. His imagination was my escape.
Aron Visuals is an artist from North Macedonia who started creating Digital Art back in 2018. His journey was nothing easy — during the beginning, it was very hard for him due to having a bad laptop limiting what he can do as an artist. Though Aron is someone who doesn’t give up; always the best and no excuses. “There is always a way for everything,” he says. For him, it depends on just how much you want something.

All three artists had their own unique styles and stories that they wanted to share with everyone, and the World Marketplace was the perfect platform for them. For the past three drops, all of the World x Artist exclusive collections have completely SOLD OUT.

This is only the beginning; both the World Token team and the NFT Agency have lots of other plans lined up in the following months, bringing both the World brand and other visual artists more into the spotlight.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more NFT drops! #ProudWorldCitizens

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