Project Update (July 2021)

Over the past few months, the cryptocurrency market has entered a new phase in its cycle. Despite current market volatility, the World team has been taking the past few months of market consolidation to continue building towards their shared vision of building the crypto e-commerce space.

With that, the team is proud to announce that we are currently working on the following developments:

Notification Center
To help sellers manage their business easier, we’ll be coming up with a notification center so when a merchant logs in, they can easily see what they’ve missed — in terms of new sales to be accepted, payments made, or for buyers, payments to make, or sales completed, reviews to be left, etc.

Fiat on-ramp widget
In hand with our partners over at Guardarian, we’re working on a widget to make the process of converting fiat to $WORLD much more convenient — without even having to leave the World Marketplace website!

USD Pegged Pricing
As we know, no matter what leaps crypto and Bitcoin will do, most transactions will still happen in valuation of the US Dollar for the near future. As such, we will also be introducing the use of dynamic pricing in USD. A merchant can set a preferred USD amount for the sale of their item and they will still be paid in WORLD, however the amounts may be different, depending on the timestamps.

We’re currently in talks with more partners to bring the next age of e-commerce to life. These are happening behind closed doors and will be released at the proper times, and after they are confirmed completely. Make sure to stay tuned for these exciting surprises!

Other developments mentioned before here in our previous article are also currently in the works, alongside everything.

Again, the World team would like to thank each and every one of you for your continued trust and support!

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more updates #ProudWorldCitizens

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Global digital marketplace rewarding both users and merchants on every transaction.

Global digital marketplace rewarding both users and merchants on every transaction.