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3 min readDec 1, 2021

The team is proud to announce that the $WGOV IDO rounds have officially closed with great success.

All wallets that contributed $LGCY will receive their respective tokens once $WGOV lists on an exchange (to be announced) this December. Participants will be contacted for their $LGCY wallets through the social profiles they provided in the form. Stay tuned!


For the past two weeks, community members had the opportunity to join the $WGOV IDO, a partnership with $LGCY, by filling up the $WGOV IDO forms. The IDO process was on a first-come-first-served (FCFS) basis, with a minimum contribution of $500 worth of $LGCY tokens.

Eligible wallets for both the first and second week were given a contribution window to send in $LGCY in exchange for $WGOV tokens. As promised, users who reserved tokens on the first week will get an early bird rate of $48, while those who reserved on the second week will get $50.5. $ WGOV’s listing price will be at $57.6 on the CEX.

*Due to unforeseen circumstances Listing Date has been pushed from Nov 30 until LGCY mainnet and wallets are fully released, as WGOV will be launched as an LRC-20 token.

Wallets that receive $WGOV tokens from the IDO will undergo a vesting process where 20% of their tokens are released on launch, while the rest will be unlocked 20% monthly thereafter.


Moving forward, $WGOV holders would have access to the additional benefits tied to the $WGOV token — passive income and legislative rights.

Passive Income

At launch, $WGOV holders would have the choice to stake their tokens to earn both $WORLD and $USDL coming from the transaction taxes and spotlight/featured items.

Legislative Rights

$WGOV holders would be able to vote on and create proposals for the platform’s future through a World governance portal. A wallet must have its wallet hold 2.5% of the total supply for $WGOV to create a proposal.

You can read more on the benefits here.

Tokenomics and roadmap

The team is currently working behind-the-scenes on updated tokenomics and a smoother roadmap in collaboration with our partners and advisors. In doing so, the team is laying the best possible groundwork for the project moving forward.

Exchange Listing

$WGOV will list on an exchange as an LRC-20 token at first. Once the two way bridge between the Ethereum Network and LGCY Network is opened, $WGOV will also list on Uniswap as an ERC-20 token. The first LRC-20 exchange listing will be announced soon at our launch. Please watch our channels for what comes next!

The World Team would like to extend its gratitude to all participants who have supported us in this IDO process. The team is confident that $WGOV is a huge step forward in building the crypto e-commerce industry.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more updates! #ProudWorldCitizens

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