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World Token
3 min readJun 11, 2021


Last June 8, 9:00AM EST, World held a community AMA in the OneLedger Telegram group, giving the community a better understanding of their project’s vision.


What is the world marketplace?


World is a decentralized peer to peer marketplace on the ETH and BSC blockchains with support for NFTs, and digital goods and services. The sales and trade volume rewards users, merchants, and liquidity pool providers.


What are the roadmap and plans for the World token project?


Our next step is to develop the v2 of the marketplace which should feature a Layer2 solution for gasless transactions, creation of NFTs, support for royalties, and a vendor bond system where anyone can be a merchant without having to get approval from the team. We will also be adding a subscription based sales model, similar to that of Patreon’s and Onlyfans’. Finally, we’ll be adding a USD-based pricing system so people can receive an approximate amount of World for their sales, but with the value of a fixed USD figure.


What will the partnership with OneLedger bring to World Token?


World will be able to expand across different blockchains and become one step closer to a fully functional cross-chain marketplace, which should help make it more readily available to different audiences across multiple chains, along with the valuable cross promotion between the projects.


Is your community excited about the partnership with OneLedger?


OneLedger has a strong presence in terms of their tech and their partners, and we are excited to be welcomed and added to their circle of projects they recognize as the potential future of the blockchain industry and crypto e-commerce in general. Our community is ready to support OneLedger as much as World moving forward. Expect the community who have already joined here to stick around for updates! Our community have also become interested and picked up some bags of our other partners too :)


How long do you estimate the development will take before this project becomes concrete?


We are expecting to launch 2021 Q3–4 for the DEX project after that World will be able to deploy on our protocol.

Q6 (Community Question)

How the partnership will be helpful for both project? -BaaAAaaLT


How OneLedger will help World Token.

  • Giving full instructions and supports on how to mint NFTs for World’s digital providers
  • Giving opportunities to be engaged with OneLedger’s social media and initiatives.
  • Full OneLedger protocol integration support.
  • Refers any NFTs providers to World token as a primary marketplace

How World token will help OneLedger.

  • World Token will give the new merchants or digital providers exclusive options to adopt Oneledger to mint their NFTs.
  • World Token will integrate on the OneLedger protocol when the bridge is built to deploy their marketplace.

World will benefit from it by being exposed to an additional audience (the holders of oneledger) who could be active users of the platform or trading and both create volume to further enhance the World Token ecosystem.

OneLedger gains a marketplace on its blockchain immediately after launch, without having to wait for a team to code and build it from scratch the way we have as that takes time and effort to do properly


Do we have a timeline for when the bridger will be built to deploy the World marketplace? -Matt


We are expecting to launch 2021 Q3–4 for the DEX project after that World will be able to deploy on our protocol.


What type of events we can expect from oneledger and world token together ? There will be some event etc? — Wayni Capital


This partnership is set for a long time as we will support each other to build the bridge and OneLedger will help through all deployment for World token.

We will continue having marketing events, hackathon and AMAs together.



World Token

Global digital marketplace rewarding both users and merchants on every transaction.