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3 min readJul 12, 2021


How well equipped is World to compete with other marketplaces such as rarible or binance NFT?


Rarible and Binance are strict NFT-only marketplaces, so our strong suit is that we also welcome digital content/services, that will help strengthen our position as World Marketplace, as well as the ability to bridge to other blockchains in the future as we are blockchain-agnostic


Is there anything in the works regarding marketplace cross-chain operability and if possibly briefly explain the technical details of how you are planning to achieve that.


Honestly cross-chain operability will require off-chain code which isn’t our specialty, but it would be a much desired feature even for us. Once it is possible or someone makes a version of it available, we will adapt and craft it as a feature for our marketplace/s


Do you have a timeframe of when we might see another update to the marketplace?


Currently we’re working on notifications center for the merchants so they see when they connect, what has happened with their listings/orders since they last logged on. That would be the next update, and it would be before v2 comes out. As for timeline, we don’t yet have an ETA


When and what can we expect for new exchange listings?


General market sentiment isn’t the best and given that the planned upcoming exchange listings are quite pricey, we plan to do it along with a more enthusiastic overall crypto market so that the news isn’t going to be muted. It will come and it is mostly ready, but it will be released at the best timing possible


Can you explain a bit more on the plan for onlyfans and patreon


For this feature, it will simply be a time-based access to a paywall locked content feed, whether it is a collection (say pictures, or pdfs) that you would get access to, or updates (like a game in progress, or trading signals or anything of the sort), you would pay World for X weeks/months access, and once that paid subscription expires, you’d lose access for new updates and the old content too. This would be part of v2 update most likely


Would you consider allowing other crypto (for example partner tokens) to be used on the marketplace? Where you could use it and upon tx, it converts the specific coin to $World and the payment received by the seller is in $World?


Yes we do have this plan but currently unless we have L2 already running, it’s most feasible on BSC or if gas on ETH would stay low for the forseeable future; otherwise we run the risk of it spiking back to 100 gwei levels (or more), and the gas fee would be $100 or more


Hi folks! I am wondering how and when you plan to step up the marketing so we can gain some more cloud the this great project? Any specific methods? 😃 keep up your work! Looking forward to the future by your side👌


Marketing push will come alongside our new updates, along with the exchange listings, and we are mostly just waiting for the market to look better and get a bit of that market euphoria back to get as much as possible out of what effort has already been put into it. Until then we will still have community events such as game night and others that may come along :)



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