Last October 31, the World Team held a Community AMA to update everyone on World’s progress. Read below for a recap!


When is the next Listing?


Bitrue listing for $WORLD will be done within November, after the official launch of $WGOV, our governance token.

Expect more to come after that


When are new features coming?


New features, such as on-site NFT minting will be deployed and landing page updated around second half of November. This month for sure.


Sometimes the marketplace is slow for me, would this be fixed in future updates?


Yes optimization will be the main focus after the next few features are out. Optimizing the load speeds and interactions are best to do after most of the features are out already.


Are physical item sales coming?


Yep! we have some merchants already whitelisted to do this, we aim to go live with this feature, with partner merchants (to avoid fraud) within this year too, more updates on this soon


Will $WORLD have added utility aside from payments on the platform?


Yes, we’re eyeing utility similar to being used on SPI, currently looking at being accepted at another store-type project. However we do not currently have plans for utility outside of a medium of exchange.


Any news on WGOV?


We will have a date announced publicly for the presale and subsequent launch. We have one important announcement before that one, so I’ll have to ask you guys to keep watch of the announcements here

This week will have some good ones


When will world be deployed on LGCY?


Just waiting for the mainnet to be deployed and we will get started there, $0.01 fees on every tx. I just know it is very soon 👀


When will USDL be a payment option?


Should be one of the first updates after our deployment on the third chain (LGCY), then we’ll add the option to accept other currencies available on specific DEX’s

Open floor question #1

Any updates on when V2 physical good and subscriptions would be up of the market place (for after all your submitted Q’s have been answered) — thank you.


Physical goods is within this year for our partner merchants, first to guarantee a good customer experience given it will be generally safer to deal with the initial merchants.

Subscription based locked content would be after the next 6 minor updates, as its a rather larger feature to work on so its pushed back a bit

Open floor question #2

With a growing landscape of NFT platforms, what do you believe will be the key differentiator to get content creators wanting to come on and release their work on your platform?


one of the main will be locked content feature, as no other platform has that. This can be in the form of NFTs or not. We also are looking for some work with game projects where we can collaborate on some of our experimental NFT ideas, such as self burning NFTs, etc (like limited time game items as an example use case)

Open floor question #3

Will the world lrc20 holders also receive rewards or is it exclusively for erc20 holders?


All LRC20 volume will reward LRC Holders, erc20 to erc holders, etc

Open floor question #4

If I understand correctly, world will switch to lrc20 and will be the fastest blockchain with the iso20022 standard?


Well we won’t be switching per se, but adding support. So existing eth and bsc holders will still be able to use the marketplace, but when we deploy on LGCY, it will be usable there as well!

Open floor question #5

What is special about wgov apart being a governance token? have won rewards with it and if so will the world token ultimately be useless


Yup you get WORLD by staking it (coming from world tax)

So you are exposed to both tokens and earn essentially “free” world

Aside from governance votes of course, and we’ll be updating what can be earned in the future on those wgov staking pools

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more updates! #ProudWorldCitizens

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