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11 min readDec 7, 2021


So first question, what was the idea behind creating Salsa Valley? Can you tell us more about it, maybe how you came up with the theme?


We’ve been in the cryptoindustry since the end of 2015, watching and seeing how cryptoinfluencers manipulate the cryptomarket, how cryptoenthusiasts take risks by investing in dubious projects without DYOR.

In the recent years, and especially after Elon Musk’s tweets meme-tokens such as dogs, cats, hamsters and other animals have become especially popular in the market, most of which are not backed by any real value or product for use.

We decided to change the current state of affairs and increase the understanding of the crypto market among novice cryptoinvestors.

We assembled a team of designers, animators and produced an educative meme-cartoon series “Salsa Valley Stories”, in which we show the realities of the cryptoworld in a funny way.

The story is set in Mexico but a parallel Universe, we called it the MOONIVERSE💫

And the characters are vegetables from a spicy 🌶 Salsa sauce. The prototypes for the characters are real cryptoinfluencers such as Changpeng Zhao, Vitalik Buterin, Elon Musk, the crypto coin DOGE and the accumulated characters of the majority of meme tokens: cats, dogs, hamsters, etc..

Our friends really liked the idea of the cartoon and it grew into a global project Salsa Valley, with an ecosystem consisting of:

•Blockchain NFT PlayToEarn Metaverse Game

•NFT collection with the Unique characters and Real Estates

•Charity NFT collection, the funds from the sale of which go to help the animals of Mexico

•A board game based on the cartoon, which is a fan addition and the offline visualization of the Metaverse game

•Meme cryptoblog where we talk about crypto news in a funny way.

•Token Voting Platform where cryptoinvestors can learn about current meme and GameFi cryptoprojects and vote for their favorite ones.

•SALSA TOKEN, which will have real application in blockchain game and will be accepted as a payment in Mexican partner restaurants around the world.

The main slogan of our project is GET FUN & BE PEPPER!


Next question, I understand you guys got some recognition elsewhere, could you tell us more about this?


Our project started not so long ago, but it has already been noticed and singled out among other projects by global leaders of the cryptoindustry.

According to the experts of the Coin98 analytics platform, Salsa Valley is one of the TOP promising GameFi projects created in the BSC network.

In November, we participated with our Metaverse concept in BSC GameFi Hackathon, where we were awarded the 4th place among 63 blockchain games. At this contest our project was highly scored by the recognized blockchain industry experts: representatives of Binance Smart Chain, Animoca Brands, 1Inch, Mercurio, Bitscale Capital, Tiger Trade, Infinity Ventures Crypto, with whom we are currently negotiating about joint incubation and accelerator programs.

At the moment our project is listed on dozens of expert review resources such as, for example: BscProject, PlayToEarn, DappRadar etc..

We won (1st place) in the NFT competition on the JGN platform

And we are the official partners of the XDAO platform and NFT Marketplaces such as: World Token, Babylons, Treasureland


So far there’s a huge amount of P2E/Metaverse/NFT games coming out, how do you plan on beating the competition and becoming one of the top game projects in the space?


Salsa Valley Metaverse is MORE THAN A GAME! It’s a cryptoplatform which unite together cryptoenthusiasts, blockchain developers, lovers of hot salsa sauce, meme-fans, 2D animators, gamers and those who just love to joke and laugh

It will provide users with more than 5 absolutely different and even UNIQUE types of P2E mechanics.

📍This NFT game will simulate the behaviour of the cryptomarket participants for educational and fun purposes.

☝️It will also provide a new way and virtual place of interaction between creators of real blockchain projects, users, investors and players.


Can you tell us more about the P2E part of the game? How is it played and how do you earn?


At the moment the game is in development and we plan to release it in 2022.

We have 5 types of game participants and diversity of P2E mechanics for all of them:

№1 Blockchain systems: represented by the team of Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Tron, Cardano, Solana and more.

- this kind of audience receive a portion of the revenue from each piece of land sold or leased in their territory.

№2 Founders and representatives of different types of projects: 1INCH, Dora Factory, World Token, Babylons, Treasureland, JGN, XDAO, etc

- on interaction of community and players with their project inside the game and get indirect profit from new effective way of their project or product presentation

№3 Crypto-investors, crypto-enthusiasts, collectors and gamers:

- these gamers can earn by: buying and selling real estate, building and improving houses, placing game objects on their plots and from renting them out. It is also possible to earn income from interacting with the infrastructure and boosting their characters.

№4 Cryptoinfluencers and Bloggers:

- Earn from their content views, networking, business meetings and partnerships

№5 Infrastructure Creators:

- Creating infrastructure art objects, houses, offices, and indoor functionality in spaces.

We want as many people as possible who come to the crypto market to learn and earn in our game and have an opportunity to communicate with any representative of the crypto world through one handshake!

😉Imagine that every participant of the game could become a character of one of the next episodes of the animated series.

🔥And every new episode will bring the new characters and items into the game.


I understand SALSA is the name of your in-game token. Can you give us its use cases within the project ecosystem?


SALSA token is a smart contract created in the BSC network. The contract has been audited by eNebula. The token is already traded on Pancake and the liquidity is locked.

🌶SALSA is an in-game coin for payments between game participants.

As I answered above, the game will have more than 5 in-game P2E mechanics, through which users can earn SALSA Tokens by creating content and infrastructure, participating in promotions from sponsors and Influencers, and pay with SALSA Tokens to popularize their projects presented in the Valley or improving their characters.

While the game is in development, users still earn with $SALSA.

The smart contract of the token includes an antiwhale and also a deflationary system, thanks to which the commission from each token transaction is distributed to all token holders.


Your project has NFT arts and land right? Can you tell us the purpose and incentives to buy these?


Characters, Land (plots) and Real Estate are elements that are present in all blockchain games — Metaverses, so the value of a Unique character and land plot is clear to most cryptoinvestors who have somehow connected with GameFi.

We released a series of NFT characters, items and Estate NFTs dedicated to “Salsa Valley Stories” and which can be seen in episodes of our animated series.


Do you have anything exciting to share with us in the next few days/weeks for Salsa Valley?


We are very happy to partner with your wonderful platform🤝 It’s very good that this partnership has taken place now!

We’ve already started creating the 3rd episode of our animated series “Salsa Valley Stories”, which will be about NFT art.

🔥We would like to run a small contest with you for NFT-creators featured in your NFT Marketplace.

We would like to select 10 winners from this contest, whose NFT arts we will feature in this new cartoon episode. There will also be the links in the video description to the creators’ profiles on your site.

👌This will allow even more cryptoenthusiasts to get acquainted with your marketplace and the work of your best artists.

🚀To support the contest we also want to hold an AUCTION, where we will put up some Epic & Unique NFTs.

The owners of these NFTs will receive equivalent game items and real estate in the Metaverse after its release.

📌We will send a part of the funds raised to several partner-charities in Mexico.


last question before the open floor, what are the long term (3+ years) plans for salsa valley?


We stick to a smooth and progressive concept of project development according to our roadmap.

In the first quarter of 2022, a board game will already be released, the prototype of which is now being actively tested by gamers and board game clubs.

We are actively partnering with developers, Influencers and system blockchain projects to release the Salsa Valley Metaverse Game during 2022.

At the same time we will be releasing the new episodes of our cartoon, featuring stories about our partners and the development of the global GameFi and NFT. This is the series for the several years ahead…!

All of these activities together will promote each product individually and the ecosystem as a whole.

In a year we plan to release a full-length cartoon about cryptoworld in partnership with a major animation studio, such as Pixar or Disney, which will give the Salsa Valley project huge publicity and popularity and an inflow of new users to the crypto-industry.

We understand that everyone is getting hype on the topic of metaverses right now and there will be hundreds and thousands of metaverses in the next few years.

👌We announced our plans half a year before the world started talking about metaverses on this scale and we are consistently moving towards its creation.

‼️Thanks to the fact that our MetaVerse is backed by a cool unique idea, a powerful ecosystem and a creative reliable team, we believe that in two years we will be in the top 10 most popular blockchain Metaverses in the world, or even earlier!

Community Questions


Community support is one of the biggest aspects of a project’s success. Most projects have programs that interact with their users. Does Salsa Valley project have a special plan to engage and expand the community and improve the user experience? we need warm contents for people feel like community here (memes, gifs, stickers, events), when?


Of course, we have a step-by-step plan for engaging with the community. We have memes, gifs, stickers, as you can see😉, and an event plan for the coming year.

We even have a meme generator on our news portal.


Can you list 1–2 killer features of Salsa Valley project that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your project has that you feel most confident about?


Our idea, ecosystem, products and interactions with all participants in cryptoindustry


You already mentioned some information about the team. How many people are currently working on the project? Can you elaborate if the main staff is doxxed or/and what past experience the team can show up?


There are 9 people now in our team

Experience and expertise in investments, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology since 2015, brand building and promotion, programming and web design, creation of escape rooms (quest rooms), graphic design, 2d animation, direction


Hi good day Juli. Since you are here in World Community. Is there a possibility that we can buy your NFT using World token?


You will be able to buy our NFTs in the World Token marketplace in the coming days


Pump & dump schemes are becoming a major problem in the crypto space which needs solving, Investors hard earned money going down the drain. Could you please tell how Salsa Valley will prevent whales from manipulating the price & ensure the price appreciates and reach for the moon?


Anti Dump-Exit Whales: Transactions (sell/buy/transfer) that trade more than 0.01% of the total supply will be rejected. Due to Antiwhale system, network may not allow large amount of buy/sell to prevent abrupt pump/dump.


The logo and name preferences used by some projects are actually sufficient to summarize the whole project. Why did you choose the name Salsa Valley and what message do you want to give about your project with this name?


Do you know what is Silicon Valley?)😉. This concept did not exist some time ago. Salsa Valley is the Crypto Valley in Mexico but in a parallel Universe.


Your foundation idea is very new, so it takes a lot of formula and takes a long time to develop. This must have a tricky point for you? Do you agree that the strength of the community will lead Salsa Valley project to grow globally?


Thank you. Of course, community is a main driven strength and we are the community driven project. So…we are working on expending it.


My second question is: As a person who is not too fluent in english I always use google translate. How do you plan to spread awareness of your project in different countries / regions where English can’t be used well? Do you have a community approach for them to better understand project?


We are now actively recruiting translators, bloggers, and Influencers from all over the world who speak different languages, and language groups will be created.

You can read more about this here. At the moment, we have one English-speaking group.


You know that during the 2020, I got scammed a few times, rugs, exit scams etc. How can we investors be sure that this will not be similar, are Salsa Valley contracts public & somewhere to be seen?


Our liquidity is locked, smart contract is audited and we are too opened for the world)


Can you tell us a little about the security you provide to users? What technology does Salsa Valley project adopt in its infrastructure to combat hacker attacks and other situations?


The smart contract has already been audited and there is no vulnerability.

And when we develop the game, we will introduce a bounty program to search for vulnerabilities in our game to prevent possible hacks during the development phase.


Name some best features of ur project that will leave all of us amazed and earn huge attention to ur project by everyone. And in the same time that will leave here, competitors scared about you. What do you think is the “XFACTOR” in Salsa Valley project which will help youu to achieve your success?


Begin your introduction to our ecosystem by watching the cartoon🤗🎞. This is a unique interactive product on which the entire ecosystem is built.

And our competitors will become participants of our ecosystem and game. We are working on it. And we will improve and develop the cryptocommunity in the world together.


Since Christmas is coming do you have any events this coming holiday?


Yes, of course!

Subscribe to our Twitter, Telegram and follow the news. We’ll announce soon)


So many “fad” or “meme” projects out there. How do you strengthen your declaration as a committed project with longevity and sustainability in mind?


Our memes and the whole idea of the project are based on the real events of cryptoworld with unique memorable characters


Is your project worthy for Crypto Inexperienced person and have a guide for non-crypto users Or only of interest to professional users?


The first products that will allow a person not experienced in crypto to understand and enter this field is a cartoon and a board game.

NFT game will also be understandable for everyone, because it is oriented on 5 categories of players and participants


What will world token add to the Salsa Valley project and vice versa, how will you guys make each other grow:)?


This is an important strategic partnership.It will help both of our communities to become part of a larger collablation.

There will be an auction and a lot of other interesting things.

You will already see the first steps and results in the next few days) A little intrigue😉


Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project/company. What is your plan and way to generate profit/revenue from tokens? In this regard, please explain your income model?


This is our whitepaper

You can read about the tokenomics of the project. It contains team tokens and ecosystem products are also created to generate profit and project development.



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