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3 min readMay 23, 2022

Over the past few months, the cryptocurrency market experienced multiple drawbacks- from liquidations, depegging, and regulations. It’s no secret that it hasn’t been crypto’s time recently. But downturns like these are the perfect opportunities for true leaders to rise from the ashes.

The World team has been working hard behind the scenes to reconstruct the World ecosystem. Down below, the team has laid down its plans to reignite $WORLD 👇

Launch on OLT

World as an NFT Marketplace first will launch on OneLedger Blockchain this June! Once rolled out, we will be growing from here. We will work on the new marketplace contracts, frontend, and domain address on the OneLedger chain and expand the use of this newly remodeled marketplace on the other blockchains. OneLedger’s version of the NFT marketplace and digital marketplace will be the first look at the fresh brand and re-launch of the World Marketplace as a whole.

Relaunch on ETH and BSC

The new Oneledger-based WORLD tokens will NOT be bridgeable directly to the existing tokens. However, we will take a snapshot and allow those users to claim up to the current balances of their v2 tokens. To prevent a collapse in price, we will implement a cliff and vesting of the release on these v2 tokens on both BSC and ETH chains. Users will need to send in their v1 tokens to the contract, and the contract will implement a slow release of available tokens to be claimed by the respective addresses in the snapshot.

The new token contracts will be optimized to use less gas, have better mathematics running the rewards systems, and will be more versatile for what we will be doing, among other upgrades.

WGOV launch on ETH

We’ve also secured a deal with a prominent brand to help with the liquidity on the ETH side when we deploy and launch WGOV’s ERC-20 version. More dates and announcements on this when it comes closer.

Future updates and roadmap

Along with the above updates, we will continue to build out our intended updates, such as the Patreon-style “OnlyKeys” marketplace, a special part of the marketplace for certain NFT Holders, say one for Salsa Valley, WORLD NFT holders, or other special NFTs the future may hold, light/dark themes, and so much more. We have quite a lot of building to do throughout the bear market, and we will be more equipped by the time new market entrants come along.

For WGOV, we’ll be implementing the staking portal as well as on-chain governance voting so that the community can also suggest what other new features they would appreciate having! Our goal will be to release a new feature every month, supported on all blockchains we will support once the new marketplace is launched. These blockchains include but will not be limited to Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, LGCY Network, and OneLedger. We are always very open to expanding this list!

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