World Token Advisor Reveal

Ever since the project’s inception, the team has been dedicated in constantly building the World ecosystem in all aspects — developments, marketing, and community. With that, the World Team is proud to announce that Craig Mayor, or better known as ‘TheLazyPeon’, is coming on-board as a project advisor covering marketing, gaming, and content creation.

About TheLazyPeon

TheLazyPeon is a 28 year old content creator, who found an extreme amount of success on his YouTube career garnering over 620,000 subscribers on his gaming channel. TheLazyPeon has proven to be one of the biggest names within both the MMORPG gaming and entertainment industries, with a track record of earning well over 100,000,000 views in total so far.

Combining his expertise in the gaming and entertainment industry with his emerging interest in cryptocurrencies, TheLazyPeon is a perfect addition to the World Team.

Check out his YouTube channel here.

What TheLazyPeon brings to the table

With his extensive experience and wide network of contacts, TheLazyPeon will definitely be a huge assistance to the World team moving forward, including but not limited to the following:

  • Help bring more eyes to the World platform through TheLazyPeon’s different social media channels such as YouTube and Twitter.
  • Connecting the World team to other gaming and entertainment YouTubers and influencers outside the crypto space.
  • Linking to different types of merchants which are related to but are not limited to the gaming and entertainment industry.
  • Contribute to conceptualizing content material and media campaigns to be released moving forward.

The World team continues to develop and build one step at a time, towards the project’s vision, regardless of market volatility.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more updates! #ProudWorldCitizens

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