With the video game industry expanding to a whopping size of $159.3 Billion back in 2020, it is no surprise that this sector has beaten past forecasts by as much as 76.8% and is even expected to be a $200 Billion industry by the year 2023. Source.

Alongside the World Team’s ambition to elevate the crypto e-commerce space, expanding the project’s reach into the gaming industry is a must in order to meet the project’s goals. On that note, the World Token team is proud to announce our partnership with Chain Games, an ecosystem which combines smart contracts, blockchain, and state of the art gameplay — committed to redefining blockchain gaming.

Our aligned vision with Adam Barlam (CEO of Chain Games) and the rest of the team will allow both World Token and Chain Games to attain their respective visions in the foreseeable future.

About Chain Games

Chain Games has revolutionized and redefined the current state of blockchain gaming with modern gameplay, graphics, and UI/UX, and have enabled completely decentralized non- custodial competitions with crypto payouts via smart contracts.

Chain Games is currently partnered with the following

Read more about Chain Games here.

How World Token will help Chain Games

  • Chain Games will be an official whitelisted merchant on the World Marketplace while having a custom merchant dashboard alongside all the other features.
  • $CHAIN stakers will be able to earn $WORLD tokens
  • The World team will assist in giving exposure to the Chain Games ecosystem, through all related social media channels and initiatives.

How Chain Games will help World Token

  • World Token will get an exclusive kart in Super Crypto Kart. Players from all around the globe will be able to rock a World-themed, racing other karts of different projects. Super Crypto Kart is available on Android, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux OS.
  • Later in the year, Chain Games will be launching in-game NFTs (ex: skins & accessories), which will be sold on the World Marketplace.
  • The Chain Games team will assist in giving exposure to the World ecosystem, through all related social media channels and initiatives.

More collaborations in the near future between World Token and Chain Games are in the works and are open for discussion. In addition to this, both parties will work closely together behind-the-scenes leveraging on each other’s connections as both parties expand their reach in the crypto space.

Our partnership with Chain Games takes the World team a step closer to the project’s vision and goal of further establishing the groundwork of the crypto e-commerce space.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more updates! #ProudWorldCitizens

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