World x ChangeNow

The World Token team is proud to announce our newest crypto to crypto partner, ChangeNow. With ChangeNow, anyone from around the globe can purchase $WORLD tokens with their array of other 10,000+ cryptocurrencies.

The best part? ChangeNow is rated with 5 stars as ‘excellent’ in Trustpilot. All anyone needs to do is to head over to to get started.

All $WORLD tokens bought will be sourced from the ERC side.

World’s 3% tax will apply to all transactions with ChangeNow. This means that $WORLD ERC-20 holders will receive passive rewards from people purchasing though ChangeNow.

About ChangeNow

ChangeNow is a crypto to crypto that offers flexible, safe, efficient, and honest swaps between cryptocurrencies.

Learn more here.



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