World x DoRac AMA



DoRac (Thomas) :

Hey guys im CFO in Dorac responsible for tokenomics fundraising and partnerships. I’ve been in crypto since 2014, I come from a corporate background and I am based in London. For the last year and half I am a full time investor in mostly seed and presale rounds.

DoRac (Arnis) :

Hi, first things first. Thank you all for tuning in and thanks to the WorldToken team for having us. My name is Arnis, I am COO in DoRac, Latvian based in Sweden, I’m a hard
labore guy and I believe that hard work pays of 110%, I’ve been in and out of crypto for last 2+ years,
and now diving into crypto space full time because of DoRac.
In the project I took responsibilities of the creative side and features of the game, upcoming expansions and in-game mechanics.
I’ve been a gamer since I was 7 years old, got my fare share of experience in MMORPG, and I believe
I will be able to use this experience to deliver exciting game expansions and game play dynamic’s to
our investors and players.

DoRac (Gatis) :

Hi, my name is Gatis. I am the guy with the idea behind the DoRac project. Been a gamer for most of my life, been playing a lot of games so I have pretty decent experience in that field.

World Token (Benjamin) :

nice to see some variety and several years of experience between you all!



DoRac (Gatis) :

Our first part of the project is futuristic greyhound racing. Players will be able to breed, train, race and trade their dogs. Our game will have consumable items that will help players progress in the game, make your dogs perform better in races and in training as well as breeding.

World Token (Benjamin) :

Well virtual greyhound racing stands out on its own haha, definitely a first for me.



DoRac (Gatis):

-It’s quite simple. Key earning mechanics are racing, and breeding the dogs. Breeded dogs can be sold to other people using our partnered marketplaces.

World Token (Benjamin) :

Always nice to add renting out assets as an additional revenue stream, looking forward to the expansion later on too!



DoRac (Gatis) :

We have 1.5B tokens on bsc initial market cap will be only 70K. Deflationary tokenomics with buy tax 5% which will be divided as follows: 2% Burn ,1% Marketing and dev, 2% Auto LP
And Sell tax 12% which will be divided : 2% burn, 4% Marketing and Dev, 4% Auto LP, 2% reflections to holders.



DoRac (Gatis) :

We are creating a full MMORPG on the blockchain with play to earn elements so anything you own in the game, you will be able to sell if you please so.

World Token (Benjamin) :

Player ID NFTs is unique, hope that can be capitalized on too!



DoRac (Gatis):

Most of the focus now is on developing the game and launching the first part of it, which includes racing, breeding, training, and exchange between players as well as viewable races.




World Token (Benjamin) :

Thats everything, awesome to have you guys, we’ll now be taking questions from the community!



not really, you can get the cheapest doge NFT and compete with top doges and win them, the game contract has a RANDOM event generator that will affect the race, which also includes many moving values, but still, you will have to spend some funds to train the doge! to become the best you have to pay the cost



in 5 years’ time I see DoRac to be a full emersive metaverse with VR compatibility and who knows what more. as in 5 years period there will be a lot of technological advantages compared to nowadays



Player ID that will serve as your DoRac Metaverse citizenship, it will be limited to 7777 only so if you want to participate in our project at the fullest be sure to get one.



There’s 3 people in the core team, additionally game dev team of 7 people, and 3 team members in marketing department. 1 contract dev as well.



we are running giveaways and competitions so you can secure your doge at the time we speak! there will be regular events to get the doge :)



Every service in the game will cost something. We will offer in-game advertisement space for interested parties as well. Ther still land sells, the house sells. Fees, taxes, they all add up :)



thanks for asking. We have huge plans to make this interesting for the players. As mentioned before I have played a lot of MMORPG and I know what people want and what they expect. I will create a game that i will love to play myself:)



Nope, not yet. As I am very picky i keep changing things around :D i want it to look super nice. The game demo is close but not yet finalized.



there will be strategy function as well where you can create your own strategy for the race :) that will give a grate boost to you if you analyze and make right on for your dog:)



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