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2 min readMay 18, 2021


The World Token team is proud to announce our strategic partnership with Gift Coin, a platform that aims to be the go-to gifting solution for the crypto space by offering a unique array of goods and services for crypto users utilizing NFTs, Smart Contracts and GIFTs token features.

With our shared vision with Dan Fong of innovating the crypto e-commerce space, our partnership with $GIFT would enable the ease of entry for the common person into the cryptocurrency industry and of course, the World Marketplace.

About Gift Coin

Gift coin solves the common problem of non-crypto savvy people not knowing where or how to start in this space. Through their special Gifting protocol, users would be able to send cryptocurrencies to their friends and family that are receivable by email and protected by escrow smart contracts, lessening the barrier of entry for new crypto participants. Alongside this, recipients will then receive beginner-friendly instructions on the $GIFT platform guiding them on the basics and what they can do with their tokens.

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How Gift Coin will work with World Token

Our partnership with Gift Coin will entail the following:

  • The World Marketplace will be an official merchant partner of Gift Coin, giving all $GIFT users easy access to the World Marketplace.
  • $WORLD will be one of the cryptocurrencies that people may send alongside $GIFT to new crypto participants.
  • Possibly in the future, there will be $WORLD QR code cards available in physical retail shops, which will allow people to scan and receive their tokens directly in their respective wallets.
  • $WORLD and $GIFT will work closely together behind-the-scenes leveraging on each other’s connections as both parties expand their reach in the crypto e-commerce space.

Our partnership with Gift Coin takes the World team a step closer to the project’s vision and goal of further establishing the groundwork of the crypto e-commerce space.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more updates! #ProudWorldCitizens

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