World x Ludus

The World team is proud to announce our strategic partnership with Ludus, a decentralized platform that connects managers, trainers, and athletes around the world.

Working hand-in-hand with Jose Vera, our partnership brings $WORLD a step closer to the project’s vision and goal of further establishing the groundwork of the crypto e-commerce space.

About Ludus

Ludus is the first decentralized platform that allows you to find athletes at your level near you. Inside Ludus, athletes can play, train, and compete wherever and whenever they want. Thanks to the ELO scoring system, participants will be able to keep statistics of their most important matches and find a rival according to their level.

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How Ludus will work with World Token

  • Both World and Ludus teams will handle cross-promotion of the projects’ platforms to their respective audiences and communities.
  • Ludus will connect interested athletes to the World marketplace, on-boarding them as possible merchants in v2 of the World platform.
  • World will provide a platform for the partnered athletes in the future to connect with their fans through a subscription based revenue model.
  • World and Ludus will work closely together behind-the-scenes leveraging on each other’s connections as both parties expand their reach in the crypto e-commerce space.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more updates! #ProudWorldCitizens

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