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8 min readJan 7, 2022

To kickstart year 2022, World is proud to announce another partnership with an NFT Metaverse game, Metaguardians. As World believes that digital is the future, it’s thrilled to expand its horizon to NFT games as well.

World held its community AMA with Metaguardians last 6th of January 2022, 1PM UTC. As part of the partnership, Metaguardians will be listing some of their NFT Characters in World Marketplace.


Could you introduce yourself and your role in the project, so our community can get to know you first?


Definitely! My name is Antubel Moreda and I’m one of the project leads at Metaguardians, where I focus primarily on game design. Before joining Metaguardians, I worked in the games industry for over 17 years in product management and design roles at companies like EA, PopCap and games like Plants vs. Zombies or Nonstop Knight, among others.


I loved Plant vs. Zombies, looking forward to your metaverse game! So first off, could you tell us more about Metaguardians, and how it started?


Metaguardians is an expanding superhero universe of game and metaverse content. This means stuff like NFT collections; metaverse avatars, wearables and other property; and, of course, our upcoming play & earn games! The project started around mid 2021 and we launched our first NFT collection, the Guardians, in early September to great success. What inspired us to start the project was the possibilities that are opening up for games, for finance and for the intersection of the two. Especially, thanks to blockchain and related tech; thus, Metaguardians, the guardians of the metaverse.


Awesome! so we know you, what about the other members of the team? Could we know more about them and their experiences/roles?


We’re a small team where almost every member is public, so anyone can check our backgrounds on our website and social media. That said, I’d like to highlight two of the other core team members and project leads, Alvaro Gasco and David Kampa.

Alvaro has over 18 years experience working on 3D for big Hollywood blockbusters like Wonder Woman 1984, Venom and dozens more. He specializes in character and concept design.

David has been working on 3D since the mid 90s, and he’s our more technical 3D artists. He has plenty of experience in 3D for advertisement, but has also worked in games and film — including Oscar-nominated to Best Animated Feature, Chico & Rita.


That’s a ton of experience despite having a small team! Could you tell us more about the earning aspects of the game?


This is something that we’re still getting ready to reveal in detail in the upcoming weeks. That said, there will be different possibilities for earning in the game depending on what Metaguardians NFT collectibles you hold.

For instance, someone who doesn’t hold any Metaguardians NFTs will still be able to play the game, but earning opportunities will be someone limited every 24h in PvE modes and other minor events. On the other hand, someone who owns a Guardian or a Villain, will be able to earn not only bonus income from those same modes, but will have VIP-like benefits throughout the game. Lastly, if you own multiple NFTs, you will be able to rent them our in-game, scholarship-like.

We are also planning other ways of earning related to weapons and other NFT equipment, as well as land-like Secret Lairs for your Guardians.

Ultimately, we want to provide ways of earning that fit what you already own. If you have few or no Metaguardians NFTs, you will be able to invest more time to earn more. If you are a “whale”, you will be able to earn income from more rent-like mechanics that don’t require as much time investment.


Ahhhhh ok thats interesting, can’t wait till you guys release more info about the rest of it. I hear you can also stake these NFTs, can you provide more info about that? benefits, lockups, etc?


NFT staking is something we’re getting ready to launch in the near future, in conjunction with our next collection, the Sidekicks. Most likely around the second half of February.

Staking will be rolled out in multiple phases. The initial phase will focus on earning a new token, Power Stones, which will be used to power up (better rarity chances and so on) the minting of new collections, starting with Sidekicks. In addition to Power Stones, by staking you also activate your Metaguardians membership, and participate in exclusive giveaways from Metaguardians as well as our partners and collaborators.

In the future, once the game token launches, it will also be incorporated into the staking system, allowing people to earn it over time.


Passive income is always bullish. There’s been a TON of NFT projects though, could you tell us more about what makes Metaguardians unique and better than the others?


We believe there are quite a few things that make Metaguardians stand out from other projects.

For instance, I already mention that most of our team members, including the core team, are public, which is not always the case in the NFT space. And not only are we public, but I believe we have a pretty solid background — most of us have been doing similar / related work for over a decade. And the truth is, the people who are going to build play & earn games and the metaverse are those who already know how to build games and virtual worlds.

We think this can be seen on the production quality of our work so far, as well as the reliability with which we’ve been delivering on our promises, which is another thing that sets us apart. We’re already delivering on our roadmap — from high-res images to 3D models, from free collections to concept trailers.


I do agree quality projects are infinitely lacking in the space. I hope you guys stand out and attract a ton of players! Last question, what are your short term and long term plans for the project?


We like having a long-term vision and plan, while remaining flexible and being able to adapt. Long-term, we want Metaguardians to be present in every popular, open metaverse — not just as avatars, but with things such as a Headquarters, regular events and so on; on the play & earn side of things, we’re planning to make not just one but hopefully multiple games that continue to evolve over time; but, most importantly, we want the project to become more and more decentralised over time, giving control to our wonderful community over the games, other parts of the ecosystem and even sharing the brand itself.

In the short-term, on the one hand, we’re getting ready to launch NFT staking and Sidekicks, our next collection. On the other hand, we’ve been releasing teaser trailers leading up to the reveal of the game — concept trailer followed by gameplay trailer and details about earning, tokenomics, etc.


I would like to know what the style of the future game will be. Maybe RPG? Tower defense?…


Thank you for your question! The first game that we’re working on is an action RPG, which we’re trying to make as easy to play, accessible as possible. One of our goals is to bring as many people to crypto as possible.


I’d like to know, does your game have any ambitions in regards to esports?


While we’re all huge eSports followers and find the space to be really interesting, it’s not something we’re planning in relation to our first game. Not beyond some basic competitive features, though.

The eSports space can be quite complex and challenging, and we feel that trying to tackle it with our first game might be over ambitious and not 100% aligned with our goal of making it as easy to play, accessible as possible.


May I know your plan to manage the initial listing dump and how or what are your marketing plans ? How will the community or holders to be specific be able to take part in product development or upcoming updates?


We put a lot of thought on how to launch our first NFT collection in the fairest way possible. Now we’re working on the details of our game token, which we plan to launch end of Q1 or early Q2. Keeping the launch as transparent and fair as possible is one of our goals.

Regarding marketing, so far we’ve been mostly focusing on community marketing, collaborations, influencers and some (but not much yet) performance marketing. We definitely plan to expand on our performance marketing capabilities, and this type of marketing will be particularly important in the context of the game. We’re considering other, more traditional options such as billboards, but the return-on-investment here is unclear.

So far we’ve already been consulting and polling our community on some critical decisions, such as which collections to release next. In the future, we want to formalize this process further via a community/governance token and system on our web3 app. Likewise, giving decision power to the community is something that we always have in mind when discussing with partners — for instance, in relation to developing the Metaguardians lore via comics and animated shorts.


Is there an official game coin?


The main game coin will be launched at the end of Q1 / beginning of Q2.


How do you plan to spread awareness of your project in different countries / regions where English can’t be used well? Do you have a community approach for them to better understand your project?


So far we’ve been focusing primarily in English speaking markets and we believe the project still has a lot of room to grow in these markets. That said, we ourselves are quite an international team with Spanish, German, Portuguese and more!, so we understand the need to make Metaguardians accessible to people around the world who might not speak English.

We believe this will be particularly important as we get closer to the game release, as a lot of the audience for play to earn games today lives in non-English countries.


Can we see your social media account so we can easily access or see your project and updates? Links?


Thank you for asking!

- Discord, with almost 50K members, this is the home of our community:
- Twitter, our other main channel with about 24K followers:
- Website:

You can also find our Guardians and Villains collections on OpenSea,, Rarity Sniper, DappRadar, etc.

For World partnerships, contact us here:

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