World x OneLedger AMA

World Token
5 min readMay 16, 2022


Please introduce yourself and give an insight about what is World Token


I’ve been in crypto since 2015, mostly btc and monero, but heavier in defi and the eth ecosystem since early 2020. We’ve been building and networking for World since our initial launch on ETH in Jan 2021! We’re excited to build on the OneLedger ecosystem with an NFT marketplace to start, and the escrow marketplace to follow. Future upgrades will then ensue after both are running smoothly.

World Token is a marketplace for digital goods and services as well as NFTs, and will allow users to receive revenue share from sales in the form of World Tokens.


To build more trust can you list your partners/advisors?
Where is your project registered?


We have several partners including other chains such as LGCY and are looking to introduce one more chain as well after OneLedger. We’re open to more, and are currently advised by Ben Rogers from Travala and GDA Capital.

We are registered in singapore :)


What are the latest development & Features of your project?
Please share its token Metrics.


We’re actively working right now to customize the NFT portion of our marketplace for OneLedger deployment. We’ve been working to revamp the marketplace entirely but we’ll be debuting it on OneLedger this coming June!

Token supply will remain at 100 million, to be shared among all 5 chains we will be active on (possibly more after as well), and small tax of 3%, part offered as revenue sharing to holders. We’ll always be working on adding utility as we continue.


Why have you chosen Oneledger? Can you share your roadmap


We added oneledger because of the low cost evm support as well as a new community to onboard use of our platform!

Our roadmap for Oneledger timeline is as follows:
may 30 — IDO
June 6 — DEX Listing
June 13 — NFT marketplace
Q3 2022 — Escrow marketplace launch
Q4 2022 — Open bridge to other chains (for world token itself)
Q4 2022 — Launch the patreon style wing of the marketplace (monthly subscriptions for paywall content)
2023 and beyond — upgrades and optimization


Do you have competitors providing the same services, what makes your product different?


There are other NFT marketplaces, but most do not offer revenue sharing, and some don’t allow flexibility on payment options. But none of them are on OneLedger of course!

There are currently no other escrow marketplaces on EVM Chains as well

We will also be the first one to offer a paywall type service (patreon/onlyfans style)


How do you see $WORLD and/or marketplace workflow/processes being used in the future? What was the motivation behind $WORLD’s naming, and the project coming to life? Vision? Mission? Goals?


World can be used for any and all NFT projects on OneLedger. We can also host any other transactions for non-crypto related trades. The platform itself is actually extremely versatile for different ways of usage. We are solving the issue of safety for on-chain crypto transactions. Due to the irreversible nature of cryptocurrencies, it’s become a favored payment method for both online processors (because of no chargebacks), and fraudsters. But with an escrow service built in, fraudsters have a much harder time taking advantage of users, while retaining the security and convenience that crypto payments provide. I myself have come into that problem several times, where a seller simply blocks me after payment, so I figured to start on this project over a year ago. And now we are busy bringing it to more blockchains and adding useful features! The goal is to become a major player and influence to marketplaces and safe transactions in crypto.


Tell us more about the escrow service?


The escrow contract will hold the payment until the seller delivers the good/service. Once it is made, the buyer can release payment to the seller. This adds safety to transactions and makes it much harder to dupe unsuspecting buyers!


The goal is to become a major player and influence to marketplaces and safe transactions in crypto. Very nice.

The entire market is now in freefall, does the price of the token affect you from an operational perspective in any way?


We’ll be using this market to do a v2 of sorts. Token price being low will not stop us from continuing development, and new development will fuel more users to actually then bring token price back up in the future. The biggest goal for us is adoption and usage, which will organically translate to higher token price, and more burning. So in essence, as long as there is activity on the platform, speculators can choose to sell but we have other mechanisms that will continue to support price aside from that.


Long-term investors would like to see benefits. Do you have any plans for providing benefits to loyal investors, outside of current benefits?
What strategies or plans do you have for making the $WORLD token more valuable?


The community is what makes up the userbase, which is the biggest advantage of any marketplace online — in or out of crypto. The investors power our incentives — the token price. Merchants are happier to come on to use the platform if they can receive bonus incentives in the form of tokens. More merchants means more options and happier buyers. So the community and holders are our utmost priority. We’ll be introducing additional rewards to holders later on at future features, and part of our ad revenue will go to buying and burning World on each chain it is on, which gives existing holders more % of the supply and higher future rewards. Buying and burning also benefits token price. Once the escrow marketplace is live, we will also introduce merchant bonds so anyone can come on the platform to sell their goods/services. This will involve locking up some WORLD tokens, which also adds buy pressure. Plenty of our future features will involve buy pressure similar to this, each becoming more powerful as well as the platform grows. Loyal investors get to reap the benefits as long as they stick with us!


How does World Token facilitate cooperation and collaborative development within the community? If someone had an idea that would work well on World Token, how can we get support?


We love partnerships, my dm’s or any of my moderators dm’s are open for that kind of talk. Any ideas/collaborations can be sent to any of us, or feel free to join and discuss with us on

Q11 (Community Question)

What is the project’s revenue model? In which ways do you generate revenue/profit?


World charges a 3% platform fee, or a larger fee of 7% if the transaction is not paid in WORLD tokens. This as well as ad revenue and our treasury will initially come from the IDO funds.



World Token

Global digital marketplace rewarding both users and merchants on every transaction.