World x The NFT Agency

The World Token team is proud to announce our newest partner in the NFT space, The NFT Agency. This partnership will allow both brands to effectively collaborate with one another, giving the agency’s curated NFT artists a new home in the crypto e-commerce space — the World Marketplace.

Some of the types of NFTs that the World Team will carry in the near future range from gaming, art, functional, NSFW, to audio NFTs. Each NFT collaboration will definitely be a step forward in establishing the World Marketplace in the crypto e-commerce space.

We do have our first collaboration dropping very soon, stay tuned!

About The NFT Agency

In the span of 7 months, The NFT Agency has grown from a small startup with a few employees into a disruptive super-agency. The NFT Agency now has over 40 clients that consist of some of the biggest and most popular digital artists in the world. Most importantly, the agency has helped define an era of heightened creator empowerment, by striking a series of headline-making deals, and being behind some of the most successful NFT projects of 2021.

The NFT Agency’s goal is to connect creators, communities and brands through unique NFT experiences with ownable digital content.

Check them out here.

Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more updates #ProudWorldCitizens

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