#WorldSalsa NFT Contest

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2 min readDec 13, 2021



  1. Watch the Salsa Valley cartoon here: https://tinyurl.com/SalsaValleyStories
  2. Join t.me/worldtokenofficial and t.me/salsavalley
  3. Create an artwork related to Salsa Valley, mint it as an NFT on any platform and list it on the World Marketplace. You may also choose an existing NFT of yours. The NFT you submit must be an original work.
  4. Tweet your NFT! Make sure to include the following in your tweet:

4. Retweet World Token’s NFT Contest post

5. Fill up this form: https://tinyurl.com/WorldSalsaSubmit

Winning Criteria

Winners will be chosen based on three categories: Landscape or character, Free-for-all, and retweets.

  • Landscape or character (7 winners): Top 7 NFTs that has something to do with Salsa Valley’s landscapes or characters
  • Free-for-all (2 winners): Anything goes! Have fun and think creative
  • Retweets (1 winner): NFT tweet with the most retweets within the contest duration. Usage of bots/paid retweets will not be allowed and will result in a disqualification.

The ten lucky winners will each win $100 in World (BSC), and their artwork will be featured in the next Salsa Valley Stories cartoon episode at the gallery in the World Tower skyscraper.

Good luck!



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